GL Screensavers for linux os

I have published a post on "Screensavers in Linux Operating System". Today I am giving you some more screen saver which are called GL Screensaver.

XScreenSaver and GL(Mesa) xscreensavers are actually a modular screen saver and locker for X11, both are containing more than 200 screen savers.

XScreenSaver package contains a small selection of 3D (OpenGL) screen saver modules from the xscreensaver collection.

GL screensavers  package contains the rest of the 3D (OpenGL) screen saver modules from the xscreensaver collection. This package is used
by both xscreensaver and gnome-screensaver. And this package could be down-loadable in almost every linux distribution's software manager.


Screen Saver in Linux

We may not know that there is a huge collection of screen saver available for Linux. Most of them are colorful, attractive and aesthetically beautiful. It's name is 'xscreensaver'.

This jaigantic collection could be used in any Linux distribution. All Linux variants could download this bunch with their corresponding software or application download center.

Debian based Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Linuxmint, Peppermint, Bodhilinux, AntiX, LXLE etc. could download it via 'Synaptic Package Manager'. Other Linux users could found it in 'YaST Software Management' or their own 'Software Center' or 'Package installation Center'.

xscreen saver and its screensavers packages in synaptic package manager

What they have?

According to supplied information XScreenSaver is a modular screen saver and locker for X11 desktop. This package has capability to only blank and lock computer's screen. But this screen saver could contain more than 200 screen savers with some extra download.

Install 'xscreensaver-data' to get two non-GL screensavers 'Fiberlamp' and 'Fuzzyflakes'.

Fiberlamp xscreen saver
Fuzzyflakes screensaver
Install "xscreensaver-data-extra" to get more screen savers. This package include a set of non-GL screensavers ant, anemone, anemotaxis, apollonian, apple2, attraction, barcode, blaster, blitspin, bouboule, boxfit, braid, bsod, bubbles, bumps, ccurve, celtic, cloudlife, compass, coral, critical, crystal, cynosure, deco, decayscreen, deluxe, demon, discrete, distort, drift, epicycle, eruption, euler2d, fadeplot, fireworkx, flag, flame, flow, fluidballs, fontglide, forest, galaxy, goop, grav, greynetic, halftone, halo, helix, hopalong, hyperball, hypercube, ifs, imsmap, interaggregate, interference, intermomentary, jigsqw, juggle, julia, memscroller, metaballs, mismunch, moire, moire2, mountain, munch, nerverot, noseguy, pacman, pedal, penrose, penetrate, petry, phosphor, piecewise, polyominoes, pong, pyro, qiz, rd-bomb, rocks, rorschach, rotor, rotzoomer, ripples, shadebobs, slidescreen, sonar, sierpinski, slip, speedmine, sphere, spiral, spotlight, squiral, starfish, strange, substrate, swirl, t3d, thornbird, triangle, truchet, twang, vermiculate, vidwhacker, vines, wander, whirlwindwarp, whirlygig, worm, wormhole, xanalogtv, xflame, xjack, xmatrix, xrayswarm, xspirograph and zoom.

I am going to show some of them with this xscreensaver image/photo/screenshot gallery below.

How much power remaining in full charged Laptop Battery

My two friends send me two screenshot took on their laptop some days ago. I installed LinuxMint 13 (Maya) on their laptop. Both of them are using Toshiba Satellite c100D laptop.
One of them shows that the fully charged battery has 4 hours 32 minutes of power to full discharge.
4 hours 32 minutes of battery power remaining at 100%
4 hours 32 minutes of battery power remaining at 100%

Another screenshot shows that 99% charged laptop battery has 3 hours 37 minutes of power.
Laptop battery has 3 hours 35 minutes remaining at 99.4 percent
Laptop battery has 3 hours 35 minutes remaining at 99.4 percent
I do not know the actual reason of this kind of different message in same type laptop and same type operating system.

How long a fully charged battery run on laptop

264 hours 7 minutes remaining in 100% (full) charged battery
It is a common question that "How long a battery can run a laptop". It is Toshiba Satellite C800D and OS is Linuxmint13 (Mate). "Battery Charge Monitor" applet showing a ridicules information.
It shows that:
"System is running on battery power
264 hours 7 minutes (100%) remaining"

I am astonished! Really astonished!!